About me

Mataz Klemencic was born in 1984 to a familly with a father who was already a devoted hang glider pilot winning National championship in former Yugoslavia (1985). We wont raise a question about what was rolling the mind of a small Matjaz who had been under the glider since a small kid.

At the age of 11 he sneaked the key of local club, took out a rogallo wing (first hang gliders) and made his first runs and jumps on a  2 m bump next to the footbal stadium in his home town Tolmin.

After first attempts father took him to a first slope at the age of 12 where they started more organised training. At this age a kid is  not strong enough to lift up a whole glider so they invented a push system with both of them running down the slope and having  his father lifitng up the keel of the glider and litteraly pushing him in to the air.

At age of 15 Matjaz started with his first mountain flights and by 18 was ready to start small local competitions with Slovenian pilots.


In 2007 he compete for the first time in FAI 1 event, European championship in Austria and got imediatelly infected by the rush of  competitive flying.

Since then he was competing on more than 30 official competitions around the world bringing home 3 podiums.

Hang gliding has become his way of life.

Matjaz: » Hang gliding represents to me a life that alouds me to explore many hidden corners of this planet. Adding the rush of competing and beauty of flying just makes it all by far most fullfilled dreams come true for me«.