Lanzarote 2016

It’s been a long time since I posted something here to my blog, but on the other hand, why I would be writing to you how I sit in the office everyday 🙂 Finally a trip in front of the door, Lanzarote.. I’ve been here I think in 2012 and it was pleasure to think that I will steal some moments from the winter time at home again.
On Saturday I slept over at Tom’s place and in the morning on Sunday we had our plane to catch. With landing at 11am we where ready to go straight to take off to a competition but strong wind forced organiser to cancel the day. See the video from airport HERE. I rigged the glider from short packing and and started my way to the apartments Los Zocos where we had arranged a room with a discount for the competition pilots. I have arranged already everything before with my credit card and two Austrians. At arrival I was noticed that they both decide to go elsewhere so there where problems on the horizon 🙂
Kind lady at reception let me know that room was cancelled day before which means one day had to be paid. Ok, rules are rules…
So lets find a room for me, as I have just came without reservation there was no discount for me any more, there was only chance to find someone to take this Slovenian pilot under his roof in his apartment. Greg from UK, I really nice guy was ok with it that I am at his place but since he took all inclusive package I was due to take the same. Short calculation told me that I can have a car and apartment for that money, so it was a no go. This was already late in the evening.
I decided to crash in for the night and see how it goes, in the end, it is a big resort maybe they don’t find me 🙂
Next day task was again under big question as wind picked up even more. I had taken my kite equipment with me so I was looking forward to finally have at least a bit of productive day, but without a car it is impossible of course. A nice visit from a lady in the morning that was in Spanish on the phone in the room made me realise its time for me to leave this fancy resort 😀
Renting a car is actually not that easy when you need it asap 😀 Online order, order confirmation, it all takes ages but in the end I finished with red Polo Ferrari that will be my ticket for adventures here on Lanzarote in next days.  I am now in Famara where I should get my own room finally and it seems like a playground for flying and non flying days here. Arrecife side of the island is like Florida, a getaway for old European people. It is like a big summer nursing home. On the other side, I come here to Famara, young people good vibe in the bars… Life is good.


So, can I only ask for a bit less wind now please? 🙂

Aeros Winter race 2015

The first sign of new season is already traditional competition here in Vipava valley with Aeros winter race. While pilots where finishing the Worlds in Mexico (Congrats to all!) we started our own comp here with 45 pilots from around the Europe. Weather is changing so fast these days, we had a very good forecast one week earlier but it all changed and we where faced with famous E wind and Lijak take off that is hidden from this conditions.
First task was set by small 45 km whit landing in Ajdovščina. Short, one would say, but it was long enough to call it a proper task. I got a nice climb with first group before the start window and we where soon quite above all. My experiences here drove me away from that group to find a lift closer to the start point but this has proven to be the mistake of the day. While they where drifting away from start they still had the height which took them over all of us who got stuck in shade on the low ridge of Lijak. It took me 1.5h just to get the 10 km mark and by then strong North wind rushed in which caused us quite some turbulent conditions. The guys who have escaped from here had a rough ride to the goal but some made it in bringing quite some points for the day.

Second day was cancelled as wind picked up quite a bit. Yesterday we had a second task. An epic early year XC day, Tolmin was calling when we where at 2100 m but there was a task to be made. In 77 km we switched positions many times, one time one group got stuck, then the next one. It was funny to see the standings changing so much. I was with Primoz before last glide and with first bad day I went for all in taking 11/1 glide for goal but with increasing wing bellow I had to take another climb while the group over took me. A really nice day with strong conditions on top and mellow bellow. Vanni Acatolli took the first place for the day.

Today here is the last day and we have E wind again and quite some cloud coverage. We will see what magic Lijak will bring this time.

Red Bull Paper wings

Every three year, there is a funny competition held by Red Bull, the paper wings contest. Everyone is invited to take A4 paper and use his or hers best skills in making best possible paper plane out of it. I was invited to judge one of the three different categories in competition. There was one where they measure the length of flight, next one is time of flight and last one is acro which is won by points. Funny to see the creations they made in Portorož, it seemed like everyone understood the idea of the wing that needs to be made for a certain category. Long planes for distance flying and big wingers for long time flights. It will be great to see the paper planes being used in Salzburg for World championship 🙂

Photos by VIdMare

After the contest, I had just enough time to get back home and use pre-frontal strong wing for smoothest soaring. That is where pg comes handy when you need to just get up fast before the dark and get some airtime.

In the mean time, I have ordered a new sail cut for my Rx to upgrade it to newer version. I have been flying next to Gerolf when he was testing new design and it seemed there is a step forward in performance overall. Can’t wait to test it in our first comp this year, Winter race 🙂

Speed flying

Since I am working with Triple Seven company, I have few more toys to choose from. In the range of wings that are being produced at 777 are also speed wings which where calling for some action. I have spent few days jumping down from Lijak take off which one is rather low for this, but enough high to get your self confident with take offs and feel of the wings.
We where searching for a good place to do some speed flying where we would be having a lift to take us back up to the take off. This is the only way to actually get some proper training with these wings. I kind of remember a good area for that in Sella Nevea but it is always tricky to get on to the ski slope without knowing wetter they like having wings on there or not. We found a nice local pilot there John, who helped us with basic informations let us know that we won’t be having some kind of troubles when we show up there.
Christmas day was just perfect for that. Low North wind which is used for this ski slope facing to the North. No fog in the valley and even a big place to land as there was not enough snow in the valley to have the slope open to skiers till the valley.
I was not skiing for quite some years now. Since I moved to Gorica I really had no will to go skiing as we have many flying days which I rather spend flying than skiing. After few turns on the snow I was back in no time and was confident to go ahead with the wing.
Sella Nevea used to be connected to Slovenian side of the mountain where famous Kanin ski resort was. But many bad decisions while running it lead to closing it few years ago and leaving a really bad picture watching remains of the ski lift just being destroyed in snow. It would be so great to have this connection and use both sides either for skiing or speed flying. Maybe one day we get to ski that area again, I hope.
Every run we did it felt better on the small wing and day was soon about to end. On the last run, back wind picked up quite much leaving me with no option but to ski back down. It was too nice to risk having bad take off and ending in snow further down in non skiing area 🙂 With there was also a young and talented photographer Uros Rojc who came to make some pictures. He did quite good job on the North side in near no sun. Check out the video as well, it is sure a thing to be repeated 🙂

Louder than words

I have had a chance to download the “left overs” from the Cineflex filming of a Red Bull helicopter. We where sitting at the table in the evening watching these vids and even a boring towing part looked just amazing. I believe there has not been any aerotowing in many years here in Slovenia and also my tow practice was low as my last tow was made in Australia. Nevertheless I had the best man in our area for that, experienced Benjamin who have towed many pilots already. I had all of my trust in him. The airfield in Bovec was something special, nicely cut grass, big open space and nearly no wind at all. As soon as dolly started to roll I felt that feeling again and it all felt like my last tow was made just few days ago.
For the project we had to go quite high, 2220 m ASL. I have never been that high at this time of year, strong inversion made me feel like I am over a lake with small islands which where formed out of the fog by massive mountains. Incredible views but as soon as we finished the towing, I had to concentrate on the flying and touch down part. For the landing, as we where using big open space of airfield we have made quite some landings together. It was so much fun to speed down with the sailplane close by. Also the helicopter made quite an impression as we are not used to hear that sounds from so close 🙂 Anyway, I had best pilots on my wingtips at all time, either it was sailplane, tow glider or a helicopter, I always felt safe. Enjoy the remaining of the videos that where not used for the project itself 🙂

2014 project

2 years in thinking, half a year in planning, 2 days in the making 🙂 Here it is

The golden brown time of the year

It is this most boring time of the year again, comps are finished and its time to get some work done. I sit down and think, nothing really special is happening but then pictures remind me that we have done quite some things in past few weeks. Since we had a luxury of sun for quite a long time, there have been many after work jumps from our Lijak take offs.      Either I went to make some company to my girlfriend for an afternoon soaring, or I went’t for a hike&fly with small speed wing. Last Sunday there was an un official comp for paragliders here. They have many one day tasks to fly and I believe it is good training even for me. I went try one, did not went bad until the first turnpoint where my glide angle was still set to my hang glider 🙂 I came back to low to the ridge and with my knowledge I was soon down to earth, but was lot of fun, I am sure I will try some more.
This Sunday we had another nice day ahead with another task set, but I decided to take my real wing for a spin as there where many pilots coming from all over Slovenia to soak incredible high temperatures for this time of year. Might be that there where over 20 hg pilots on take off with 50 more of pg having a task, so it was quite busy in the air, but I did not mind. Was a Sunday really nicely spent among fellow pilots.
Then one day, I was surprised by an email, coming directly from GoPro where they said, new camera, new Hero4 will arrive for me. It is so nice from them that they notice some of my work in a million of great people around the globe that make really great content with it. The hero4 is now here and will slowly be put to the tests. I am really looking forward to use 80 fps in full HD quality. I think it calls for some new projects to be made 🙂 Thanks GoPro, I do really appreciate this.

Summer is over, wait… Was there any?

Sorry as I am being a bit lazy with my posts lately. It does not mean that nothing is not happening, sometimes maybe too much and look at computer is more awkward thing to see in the afternoon than some king of joy. Summer is over, we can not say it has been pretty much anything like summer. I have spent 4 months of work ready for competitions and in the end it was one of the worst comp season for me yet. Not enough competitions and many time few competitions at the same time, making many of us having hard time to choose, what is best.
Now, I am back to reality, officially started a new work. At Triple Seven Gliders, they offered me a spot to work for the marketing part of their, our story. I was present for the first time at Coupe Icare festival which was great. Lot of time spent in the tent at the stand but still some time to see also the overall happening. Well, I missed the parade, but anyway 🙂
It was much harder to be in Dolomites making photos of new products, standing on the ground while everyone flew to Marmolada and had great flying there. Dolomites are just not in my favour every year. Normally I am broke after the season and this one is no exception 🙂
In the mean time, I have had a chance to fly a bit. One day was pretty exceptional as we got to fly a small wave over Kovk ridge. I had only one camera with me that day which turned out to be a mistake but still, I managed to get some feel of that day trough this one 🙂

After that I got a nice visit from Gerolf and Sacha where we flew for two days in my area. Autumn sky provided us some nice flying one day in Tolmin and one day on Lijak. It was nice to fly with Moyes team and from what I saw, next season should be a blast to fly.

On Saturday morning I got a nice mail in my inbox. GoPro has once again decided to equip me with their latest product. GoPro Hero4 is here and I can’t wait to test all the new features that it will bring. I have quite some projects ahead to make and having the best camera in the world it will all make just much more interesting to see. Stay tuned 🙂

Here is another one from Sunday 🙂

Video from Monte cucco this year

3rd and 4th task of Italian open

Third task was made on the north side of Cucco. We risked on not going to Tre Pizzi but in the end conditions with wind proved to be enough low for Cucco north. A typical task to Tre Pizzi for a turnpoint out in the flat and then back again to head wind like the day before. I was the only one in task comite to be against the longer flight in to the wind for the turnpoint but Christian was really wanting to see his new point from up close. They decided for a 400 m cylinder which proved to be to far for many. Including me.


Photo by Flavio Tebaldi

We had special guest flying with us, or better to say in front of the first gaggle, World champion Manfred Ruhmer with his Swift. Anywhere we went first he came by and then the first gaggle. At the first turnpoint I was near km behind the first gaggle, untill the one in flats they gained already more than 15 km.
Josef Bostik landed next to me and Czech team offered me a ride back to Sigillo.

Yesterday it finally turned around to south for our 4th task with 110km. I somehow manage to get stuck behind the first gaggle with huge gap between them and next gaggle so I am flying on my own. I managed to catch up in Gubbio with them, a little bit behind but a good thermal would have get me in to a good position. I was chasing them just when they crossed to flats flying back to windmills south of Cucco under a cloud that had his own ideas of waiting for me. Just as I was on the way there it all disappeared so I had to take the jolly out and fly very low to the hills bellow Cucco take off. I was very lucky to soar the hill up and on top get the thermal that took me all the way to 2000m from where I got in to a good position to race on and catch up with a gaggle of Anton Moroder, Achim and others.
A beautiful glide back over 100 km/h in to goal to 12th place. Not so bad after such an error.

I am flying a new 4fight helmet here with foam around ears. So much better, it sits really nicely on my head, no pain in ears after a long flight and suddenly my Oudie3 is too loud. For the first time in my life I had to lower down the volume of my vario. Incredible. There are many nice photos from the competition from Flavio that can be found HERE


First three days of Italian nationals

First day of Italian nationals was most traditional Cucco style competition start at south take off. We had quite low cloudbase so we decided for a  92 km task going down south and coming back to Gubbio for a bit of flatland flying. I was hanging on quite good for long time. In Gubbio we where only 2 km behind Alex and Christian with a nice group of pilots. We had then a turnpoint south of Gubbio where blue sky was waiting for us. Not really traditional green fields are only helping thermals to be much weaker here than normal so this was a very slow part of the race. We had to make a glide back to get in to small hills bellow Cucco take off. I got a bad line and cam few meters lower than the other in to the slope while they where over. Got a kick and tried to correct it a bit but lost everything. The whole group went on while I had to land bellow in goal.

The cloud shade went away later and people coming behind had joyful flight to the Scheggia and back to goal. Being unhappy for the mistake you make is one, but that big amount of misfortune really did the trick. Anyway I am happy I am able to be slower and fly with the group here.

Second day the day was cancelled. We had some nice flying but it was all on the edge all the time. At 4:30 massive storm came with lots of rain. Streets had 15 cm of water on the roads.

Third day was a Tre Pizzi day with a take off that is suitable for the strongest North East wind. Yesterday we had more north which made us struggling more than expected again. Long glides with zero lift. Already after first turnpoint we had a massive fight in the steep walls of one mountain where we somehow managed to get back up and continue the flying onwards. Some big names fell that day, Pedro found himself drilled bellow take off. I took it more easy and eventually in the end caught up with the second team again. Big group of at least 7 pilots, we climbed up to cloudbase with a view to the turnpoint with cloudstreet above.
We saw Christian Alex and Suan climbing more to the W coming back already from the turnpoint but that red glider in front that was climbing made us all believe that we need to go straight for it. Looks like the cloud was already dying so we had a long glide from cloudbase to bottom. Not many points and even a slide down in overall rankings. Not what I was coming for here.
Only 5 made it ‘to goal yesterday which tells how tricky the day was.

Today they are still deciding wetter we go to Tre Pizzi again or Cucco North. I hope for Cucco north as Tre Pizzi is so far away and logistically very painful. Thanks to Jamie for taking care of me and the German team with driving yesterday.
So, fingers crossed for Cucco north.

Italian open at Monte Cucco


West wind forecast for this playground in Italy made me pack my stuff a bit earlier. There is no better place to play with settings on the glider, a good place to film and in the end it is standing in an overall beautiful area. After Belgian nationals I am looking forward to finally get some flying. Tomorrow should be a nice W day, afterwards there is a bit of question, for Tuesday and Wednesday, but from there on it should be good on the North side.

As usual one of the strongest field of pilots is here with whole Italian team, Spanish matador Pedro and many more outstanding pilots. I spent yesterday the whole day on top flying for numerous times. In early morning we went up with Achim and flew the paragliders in low wind, scratching the take off with only few cm over the ground. Thanks to Triple Seven paragliders for borrowing me the Queen. Then the wind picked up and we took the faster machines out for a spin.


Today the wind was much stronger, some pilots flew, I was relaxing all day preparing all the stuff for the thing tomorrow and cooked in front of my castle 🙂
Livetracking should be on HERE for the competition, the results I guess will be HERE

On the path of my hang gliding history

I don’t know how it came to be like that, but my really first steps to hang gliding where made in a small village in south France called Le Bar Sur Loup. My father went there to buy his Xtralite Moyes glider and during our stay in Nice we went also up to this nice little village with a ramp just above it.
I was not expecting anything but it happened to be the day when my foot left the ground for the first time. My mother was the first to go, they soared up a bit in tandem and then went down with some really nice wingovers over the landing field. Next round it was me, I think I had 10 years at that time. Not thinking about anything, just a silly feeling standing behind the upright in a tandem. I don’t recall the run but I do know exactly the feeling I got when we glided out for the very first time. A feeling that let me know for sure what I want to do in my life.
After that I did training at home with my father and when my father got to know from me that I flew from Kobala with a paraglider on my own he decided that this is the time to get the proper glider for my first flights. With only 55 kg it was hard to find anything to suit my weight but in the end we found an Airwave K2 in the same spot as where I made my first tandem flight.
My father let me show my knowledge to a local instructor Jean Luc by letting me run on the slope and have another tandem with him later on. He said I am ready for my first flight. In the evening I made my first ever solo high flight with a hang glider.

Note the legs (I was still training ski jumping at this time so I had a muscle memory to stand in the air in that position) 🙂

Now after 20 years I was back in France and with some spare time after the non flying Belgian nationals I decided to make a detour back home and visit this place. Bringing back the memories of my first hang gliding steps and maybe a feel of my father talks about the sky.

I got to stand back on the ramp where I did it, such an amazing feeling to be there after so many years and recall every step of the run I have made down this ramp. It felt to me like that was a “must do” in my life, to be back here. If that would be my home take off, I am quite sure it would have not bring all that feelings back up.
After a day spent at the coast I got a call from a friend who is living in Nice and he gave me the contact of Mr. Gerard, the guy who has taken me to the sky for the first time. Its been 20 years since we saw each other but when I saw the face I knew him right away. He kindly invited us to his place for a beer and we exchanged some flying stories that have happened to us during this long time.

I am very happy I did this detour and went to see this places, if I would have not had so good place to fly in winter at my door step, I would be going there for flying for sure. But, who knows, I am quite sure I will return there one day again.

Storms storms storms

We where on Aspres launch today. Already the morning view had something to tell about the day. It was not long after the rain came trough but we where still waiting. All respect to organizers who are really trying their best to bring the task up and still they think about safety. I could say that yesterdays task would have been done by some of the organizers I know, for us in front it was not such thing but for those coming slower would have been potentially very dangerous.


Anyway I rigged my glider twice today, task comitee was trying its best to make a good run and the task was set down to Sisteron and as soon as we where loaded with waypoints and on our way to our gliders the news came that there is already rain there.
Day was cancelled and we went off flying free. Easy really easy flight down to Laragne, tail wind and clouds everywhere made it easy and fast but watching the lightnings down south reminded me on why they decided like they did.

So this is the flying part, the other part is living a 10 year old tent with this amount of water that has fallen on to us yesterday. Me and my girlfriend managed to find the plastic cover which is used to heat up the water in your plastic pool, but it worked perfectly as an extra waterproof shelter over my old tent which can not survive that amount of rain any more. Then there are lots of old friends with which we have not seen in ages already and it is fun to get together after a long time. Well, in the end we still want to fly. Hopefully tomorrow and day after to make a valid competition…



Belgium nationals 1st task

I am at Belgium nationals since Saturday and so far we have not managed to have a valid task. First two days where blown away. We have had some very tourist days going tostart Marseille to the Azur coast. Was fun but still we are here for flying business.


Today we finally got a chance to get up to Chabre and start the task. Morning was super dry over our heads, no clouds. Soon as we started our way up the clouds started to form quite fast. I flew to the first turnpoint and was attacking the second one 25 km north of Laragne. I saw pilots flying straight without that turn and the wall of rain coming from North showed me that the task had to be stopped. I need to prepare the radio I know.

The task was stopped too fast to be scored so no points for today. It was nice for me to at least have a taste of that new area to me, yet so famous for its flying.

Its nice to look down from up there, lots of interesting landscape to be used while flying so I really hope weather gives us a chance to have a normal competition.


Video is here (Speed Gliding)

You can also check a nice gallery from the festival overall HERE

Speed gliding 2nd edition (Soca outdoor festival)

After some talks with organizers of Soca outdoor festival I decided to make it again. Organize the speed gliding run here in Tolmin. 11 competitors from Italy and Slovenia came to race the near 6 km course from Kobala down to the landing in Tolmin. Many many people showed up to watch the game. Only misfortune was the wind that was from east all day, this made us having the goal line in the middle of the field instead of having it at the beginning of it with race over the heads of spectators.

Anyway seeing pilots satisfied in the end paid all off. Iztok pulled of the best line, me and Franc Peternel where a bit more slow in the first phase where you had to be careful to get the castle over Tolmin. Iztok Jarc won ahead of us two where I came second just few hundreds of a second before Franc. We have had a price giving in the town of Kobarid where huge crowd came to watch the climbing race in the center and of course have a nice party afterwards with bands playing till late morning. Beautiful event with special thanks also to the organisers of the Outdoor festival.

Coming to goal video

Next year we will change it a bit so it will be even nicer to watch from the ground. Are you coming? 🙂 Video and pictures coming later on.

_MG_2198 (1)

Picture: Simon Monfardini

Kössen testival

What is with all of this paragliding lately? I get asked many times.10329177_10152452885549485_6701097101832710193_n Who ever is following my story on Facebook was able to see some of my pg flying in past times. What is it all about? No worries, hang gliding is still my main way of flying and it will remain like this 🙂
I started to help young company Triple Seven Paragliders , two of my friends, famous designers Valic brothers decided to start with their own brand in paragliding world. I am just amazed to have my life being full on the flying side and I get some pg wings to fly from time to time 🙂
This two guys are special, like most of the designers are 🙂 But their ideas are rushing out all the time and they already tried to convince me to change some things on the glider. Well, it is not that easy… First you need to fly the thing to be smart about its flying behaviour… We will change that 🙂

Last weekend we where on a trip to Kossen, one of the early competition places for hang gliding in Europe. This is more like a testival, where all the companies gather to give their products to the pilots to test fly. It is important in the pg world as it is in hg to test fly before. Only difference is that we don’t have testivals to test the equipment, we mostly test fly from the one that is willing to sell the wing to us.
I am grateful Gerolf gave me his Litespeed Rs to fly as that was the moment I decided to go on with Moyes wings. I don’t need to say I love flying it so far 😉

So to wrap it up, I am flying paragliders more than I did before as I have to take the camera up there and it is easier to film from the seat than from the “bed” 🙂 I am just happy that I trust the wings I get from Triple Seven so much that even a hang gliding mind is able to enjoy big air with the jelly on top 😉

You can take a look at the video I made at Kossen testival

Today I did something new with the gimbal. The idea was to fly long but with an early storm all the wishes where gone with the rain. Later in the afternoon it cleared up just enough to test my idea of getting the gimbal upwards and in front view. It worked out quite nice. Super smooth air makes it look really simple, I should have one in Greifenburg at competition, I think gimbal battery would be dead after half an hour 😀

So what is up now? South Bavaria is calling me for another competition this weekend. Tomorrow I am back on the road with my car and a pillow to sleep. Summer is here finally!

German Open 2014

We are in Greifenburg for the German open 2014. Greifenburg is the place of my first international competition, I have spent quite some time here, but yet have not explored all corners of this great XC area. Yesterday we had a task of 130 km up to Sillian. 90 pilots with 40 rigids here. Its nice to see a proper number of pilots in competition again, it makes thing much more interesting in the air.


Yesterdays task was with some really scenic flying, we went up to 3500 m flying to Sillian and back without any problems. I was more or less with the first group and felt very comfy flying with fastest. When we came back to Lienz with nice back wind so I thought that the hard part where valley gets really narrow will be with back wind. I pushed while some pilots went to another valley taking a bit more risk. In the end I found strong E wind where I was flushed down very low and had to work up very long to get back to goal. In the end 12th for the day seemed quite good after such a narrow escape. Here is the flight

Today they where telling about showers in the afternoon but still called a 100 km task a bit further from Lienz to narrow valley. We knew that with E wind today it will be tricky but in the end we had a nice cloudstreet all the way but with some really turbulent air. I thought to myself, if today all are landing ok sprog measuring did its thing. Well it looks like it didn’t, we had one pilot going down with a rescue chute after the tumble. That happened in the same area as where I had this thoughts. German pilot is ok.
The last turnpoint was on the east part of Greifenburg valley where I made a major mistake thinking that point is in the slope so with my -20m I will be able to make. I left three decent thermals thinking I will make it. In the end turnpoint was on a small flat place where my -20m did not let me get to it. I had to turn back loosing many many places but in the end I struggled enough to get back high and make it to goal.

Yesterdays winner Roland and Gerd made a mistake landing short of goal today. Primoz won today and will take the lead, while for me I might get up some place. To say fairly, with flying 3/4 of the task with the first and having this type of problems in the end it is really disappointing 🙂 But lets say, at least I can be there. Here is todays FLIGHT

Tomorrow competition is under the question, we might get a short one. After that, not that good. I will see, I might be going home, anyone knows of a competition near? 😀


Official web page is HERE

Wings for life #WorldRun

On 4th of May we have had a running event that went all over the world at the same time. Wings for life is the name of spinal cord research foundation that is searching for10277585_10152390350439485_97053204471829632_n ways to cure spinal cord of people that got hurt or damaged the cord in some other way.
All of the money from the entry fees went to this foundation to help find the cure for this. It can happen to any of us and we can not even imagine how it looks like to not be able to stand up but at least we could help y running for those who can’t. There where 35.297  runners around the globe with quite some hang gliding friends running Corinna, Jamie, Tim, Jonny are some of the hg pilots that got to run together at the same time.

It was fun to have some comments on Facebook with these friends while we have been struggling with km, each one of us in his corner of the world.

For me it was 2 years since I had my last half marathon run, but I have been running regularly since then so I made my goal at 21 km. It was a long way, much longer than I remember from Ljubljana marathon but in the end I made it. With having same tempo I have had a bit easier run with this view 🙂

Driving back with a bus full of runners was another story

Next two days I was walking like a duck, I went to fly day after but felt quite tired 🙂 Guess I should have trained a bit more for this event. I will have a chance to make it better next year on 3th of May when we will be able to run again and in much bigger number I hope 🙂

Here is a video from event

Nokia “Our story”

It has been an already quite long therm relationship between me and Nokia brand. It all started in the beginning of 2011 when I received a message on my Youtube account. The message caught my attention because it was addressed straight to my name and it was different from normal spam stuff.
I was kindly invited to make a movie with N8 and enter the contest that Nokia was running at that time. The contest had a HUGE award but nonetheless I was there willing to participate as someone noticed my work and I appreciated that a lot.
The contest went trough with my video among the top 8 in the world and story went on. This is what came from N8 lens

I got a trip of a life time, leaving Venice airport to Orlando Florida for a crazy ride. It felt like a dream going trough the trip and it still remains as a dream as a one of a kind memory and a benchmark in my life

Since then, I was equipped with many of Nokia phones, from Symbian to Meego and finally Windows now with Lumia. I always tried to use full potential of the gadgets I got from them and so I was able to make some pretty amazing stuff until now. From nature shots to a competition between me and downhill rider Mislav. All together creating a magnificent story so far and I believe this will go on also from here on.

Since we all know, Nokia now officially stepped under the Microsoft, I am still happy to work with the same crew as I did before and new stories are about to be made. The team will for sure surprise us with new technologies that will make our life even more connected than now.
In the era of quick connections with the rest of the World, Nokia Connects surprised me with a traditional postcard, that moved me. I am so honoured that my work remains noticed and that they take time to hand write down that our story has just began 🙂 Thank you Nokia




Hike or die (a walk trough our damaged forest)

This winter we had one weather phenomena when there was a layer of sub zero temperatures at around 700 to 900 m above that was warmer. The rain that was falling down frozen on every tree and its branches. This happened in big part of Slovenia. Because of all this extra weight many many trees collapsed or got broken in the middle leaving whole slopes of pointed sticks. I have watched all of this already from the air flying over it, it is height and with this sticks pointing at you you really don’t want to go down under a canopy.

Looking at from the air is one thing, this Saturday I had a chance to accidentally walk trough this area. We went for a short hike & fly day but with one wrong turn we ended up in the middle of this devastation. 20 kg backpack and snickers that fit more a walk made this climb a very interesting one.  A walk that should last about an hour lasted for nearly 3 hours. Maybe walk is not the right word as it was more crawling trough all the branches.
When we arrived to the top we could see that showering day forecast turned in to some really nice Cb over our heads.

Anyway landed ok and was pretty happy to be back in the valley after this crawling day 😀

Air Race in Rovinj

We have spent a nice Sunday afternoon in Rovinj on Croatia watching the Red Bull Air Race. I always loved to go to air shows and see the strong machines racing loudly over the sky. However these planes are not that loud but they are crazy agile and fast in corners. Can’t imagine what preparations pilots have to go trough to fly with such G forces as they go here. A pleasant afternoon where we got to meet with the rest of Red Bull athletes and share a word or two about each others sport season. For some ending for some just starting.
IMG_0402mala IMG_0403  IMG_0444 IMG_0465

Red Bull Air race Rovinj

This time the F1 of the sky will be rolling out in Rovinj in Croatia. A near 2 hour drive from me, so close that you have to be present at this one of a kind race. Looking forward to see that spectacle from up close and hear all the noise that comes out of this tinny but powerful aeroplanes. This edition of Air race has also the Challenger cup which is like a qualification for new upcoming pilots for the real deal next year. We have also a  Slovenian pilot among these super pilots. Peter Podlunsek will be the first Slovenian ever to represent us at this competition.

I will be going down on Sunday to see it all live but you can watch it also live on Red Bull Air race official page

They expect around 60.000 people to watch this air game. For us hang gliding pilots will have to wait a bit more for the next race in Laveno. I have never flown there before, it always seemed so far to drive for a 3 day race, but not this year. I am there! 🙂


Sharing the sky with family

My brother asked me some time ago already on how to start with hang glider. I was a bit sceptic about this being just one day wish so I wanted him to do it all on its own. Finding the instructor taking the lessons etc. Usually it does not work good if you are teaching someone close related to you. They started their lessons in September and by now he already made his 7th flight.
I found a nice Space glider for him as I did not want to see him flying old Atlas gliders which are good but still fly like a bus in the air. I did flew it and in the end I have to say my Rx is far more responsive but the school glider needs to be more stable to get the students understanding what is going on around them.
On Saturday I made a nice flight with crossing from Gorica to Tolmin, strong spring conditions in the mountains. My bro flew trough this air and enjoyed it. Next day I joined them to have a flight together. There was quite some strong wind on take off, paragliders went down but it was ok for a hang glider. I helped him taking off and went straight behind him. We climbed up above Kobala take off and went over the valley with ease. I will stop here so someone ears don’t grow too much.. All in all it was a great experience to share again with a family member. If only there would be another set of wings joining us this day…

I made a small video from the day, hope you will enjoy it

Aeros Winter race on TV

Somehow they got to know we have a strong competition here in Vipava valley so we got a visit from one of the biggest commercial TV houses in Slovenia. We got a nice place right after main daily news. I had a chance to record it on my computer and equip it with subtitles so you can see a bit what was going on here. Sadly they where here on the last day when it was blowing really hard, many of us who where already in the air enjoyed smooth air while others had crazy launch conditions with really strong wind.

Have a look at the video

Prize giving ceremony

As we already nearly knew yesterday, the last day of Winter race came to an end with cancelled day due to rain coming at noon. We had a short prize giving ceremony at Anja pizzeria, the restaurant was our headquarter for for the comp and provided a nice place and food for the pilots.
Moyes pilots ended up on 1st 3rd 4th and 7th place overall in top 10. Tom Weissenberger won ahead of Oleg Bonarchuk and Seppi Salvenmoser.

Now there will be another 1 month off from competing before the real season starts. I can say I am pumped up for it. Laveno should be the next one.

Aeros winter race task 3

It was predicted for strong wind today and we know that day before front brings some screaming wind to the take off but today a truly interesting lentis started to form over our heads. We all stepped back a little bit but after a bit of mess on take off we had window open and about 80 km long task. No sun, just high clouds, but the lift was good and we where at some point at 1800m high under the covered sky.
I took another jolly today with a great start with first group. With Oudie3 I always find the best position to start and this was my third start in a role that I was positioned with the best. The race was on again, my hands where in pain of pushing the speed bar so much for so long and I was praying for some thermal to relax a bit.
After a flight out Tom got the best line and got himself back to the main ridge with turnpoint while we had to search for one at another ridge. In the end he smoked us by 3 minutes. Franc was second but messed up with start time and got early bird penalties. So I ended up second.

Can’t say much here, it all felt easy to fly climb and outrun sometimes the leading gaggle. It feels great!
Weather looks bad for tomorrow so tonight we have a dinner with pilots at a local tourism house. I guess Tom Weisenberger won the race with Oleg behind and Seppi in third place. Good competition for Moyes gliders. 4 gliders in top ten. I moved up to 7th. If first day wouldn’t be that bad, it would all look better but,… in the end I feel great flying like I was and can’t wait for more competitions this year.

Off to a dinner now. Results are of course already online HERE


Aeros winter race task 2

Haze was gone, but it all looked so much stable that the organisers made a really short task of 55 km. As soon as Manfred Trimmel took of with rocketing up to heights we all knew the task was well too much short. I did a really good start again, I don’t know why but it seems I am climbing much better than I did last year. I pop up on top always and I am always quite loaded.
After the start, the race was truly on as we did all the task in less than an hour. I was in really good position with Tom, Iztok and Reisinger with everyone else just meters behind but w esplit up in the end. Seppi took a thermal at the other end of the ridge while we raced ahead to get to the end that was not working so well.
I found something in the flat and went for it. Really bad air in the lee of the few hills with turnpoint in the flat but I still felt I will make it but in the end on the last km I got a nice punch down that made me choose wetter to land in between the wine yards or crash straight to highway with goal. I landed before in the end of speed section.
Iztok did that route a bit earlier and landed in the same field as me but taking 5th place. Seppi just flew over my head when I was landing but got to goal few meters ahead.
20 meters before goal 😀 Well… I could be disappointed but in the end I see that I am just having good time flying, catching running the leading gaggle. Looks like this will be a good season for me.
Congrats to Seppi for making a wise decision and taking the climb before, while rest of us followed like sheep the racing Tom. Strong Moyes day with racing.
Tomorrow another one is waiting and in the end it might even happen that we fly on Saturday. I hope!


Landing so close #Shot with Lumia 1020

Results can be found at HERE

Aeros winter race task 1


The wind situation changed quite a lot in the morning so we went to the Kovk take off. It was “Bassano a like” day where you couldn’t see far with all the haze in the valley. The task was set traditionally more on the ridge. Clouds where forming in the back so we where sure this will be a doable task.
I started of in a really good position and was doing well with the leading gaggle as we had to do all quite slow. Not the flying I am used to here. On the way back I crossed the ridge a bit to low and got caught bellow on the flatter area of Kovk and in the end landed. Few guys made it a bit higher to the rocks and went on, but I thought it will be super hard to get to Gorica with this conditions.

Oleg won the day by crossing nearly to Gorica. Just 100 points more for the leading gaggle than the rest of us. Many pilots stopped soon after the first turnpoint. I thought I slowed down my head a bit during the winter. I felt very comfortable in the air, the glider is working really nicely but one decision made me land very fast.
Tomorrow looks like a better day, but you know…. Weather these days 🙂


Results can be found already HERE